Hong Kong: Scenic, Exotic, Exciting

More photos of Hong Kong from a recent business trip.

The excitement always starts with a taxi ride from the airport. Driving a taxi is serious business, and this guy is more serious than most with 5 phones attached to his dashboard.

On Sundays, the lawn and walkways in Victoria Park are filled with women having picnics on blankets. A colleague explained that these are workers from elsewhere in Asia who spend their day off socialising. Nice!
The pocket change of a traveller: coins from four different countries. A couple of weeks ago I paid a taxi driver in Singapore with Hong Kong dollars because that’s all I had in my wallet. Fortunately, he was planning a trip to Hong Kong and needed the local currency.
There is a long series of escalators in central Hong Kong that lead from near sea level to a vantage point much higher on Victoria Peak. Conrad and I rode them all the way up and walked back down.
This very tall building was completely enclosed in bamboo scaffolding and mesh cloth.
Central Hong Kong is a fascinating blend of old and new, and has a unique charm and vibe.
Standing on the shoreline of Victoria Harbour, one can sense the history and romance of the city. Here are Conrad the Elephant and Caspy Duck taking in the sights.
Looking toward Causeway Bay, in the distance, which is where my hotel and the NCR office are located.
Central Hong Kong, on the island.
Looking across the harbour toward Kowloon and the New Territories. The tall building is the International Commerce Centre, the 118-story building and the twelth-tallest building in the world.
Of course, Hong Kong has its own observation wheel, which I did ride.
I haven’t ridden across the harbour yet, but it’s on the list of things to do on my next trip.
Looking down one of the canyon-like streets of central Hong Kong.
Back in Causeway Bay, there’s a Japanese-style ramen noodle shop that I like to frequent.
There are lots of streetcars criss-crossing the island.
This is Pottinger Street, an old street in central dating back to the 1800’s.
Another view of Pottinger Street. It’s paved with uneven stones, and is often depicted in movies set in Hong Kong.
One of the many steep streets down the slopes of The Peak.
A shot of the Happy Valley Jockey Club taken from within the museum there.

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